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Brands, drawn into a constant flow of new products that had to be taken out of stock as soon as they arrived in stores, have made their products disposable. Ongoing promotions and fast fashion have changed consumer perceptions : the perceived value of a new product, with no discount, has plummeted. 


Second-hand fashion appeals to nearly one in four people *


Social networks, second hand, fashion rental, environmental impact, social impact, spending power, ... consumption patterns and consumer concerns have changed dramatically in recent years. 


Responsible sourcing for desirable brands


Fashion players are now the subject of strong criticism: unworthy working conditions, water pollution, environmental impact, ... brands and retailers cannot ignore the colossal social and environmental issues that accompany the development of the sector.


Thus they must meet the imperatives of growth while avoiding the pitfall of disposable fashion. They must appeal by both their responsible practices and their products.


A new partnership with the consumer


matchmarket  service is born from a simple observation: on the one hand, consumers are not ready to give up the diversity of the offer nor to pay a high price and yet they require brands to be respectful of the environment. On the other hand, brands and designers want to bring their creations to life and offer a diversified offer without generating unsold items or being frustrated by premature stock-outs.


62% of consumers would like to help their favorite brand to create products**


By involving consumers in their decision-making processes, brands can anticipate products that will attract their customers and adjust their purchases. matchmarket thus offers to give back meaning and connection to brands, designers and their customers.


15 years of experience in buying and trends 


matchmarket  was founded by Sandra Lacaze in 2018 with two objectives: to provide an immediate response to professionals who wish to know if a product has commercial potential with consumers; and create a new link that generates added value for consumers, brands and the environment.


After 2 years of testing, with a chosen multidisciplinary team for the complementarity of its technological expertise, matchmarket was able to develop 2 complementary tools: a SaaS software accessible online, equipped with artificial intelligence, and an anti-waste and fun application for consumers.


In partnership with research teams from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Industries Textiles - Ensait,matchmarket  analyzes the voice of consumers to translate them into relevant data in order to improve forecasts of demand and fashion trends.







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“Passionate about creativity and innovation, I spent 15 years working in fashion-sensitive consumer goods.

From product manager / buyer for French and international brands to responsible for diversification within retail chains, I have worked across the entire value chain.

This allowed me to measure the impacts linked to supply decisions at all times of the products lifecycle.  

Too often creative teams are forced to censor their know-how without being able to confront their designs with consumers and yet one of the levers of a brand's attractiveness is its ability to bring novelty!

All professionals in the sector know this situation where they are frustrated with losing sales because they ordered too few quantities and can no longer restock before the sales, while they still have stocks from last year for other references which they will have to get rid of as best as they can …

The answer to these 2 problems and the resulting overproduction is in the voice of consumers: immediately accessible and without technical skills. ”






*16 million French people active on Vinted in February 2021

** Opinionway 2018 survey on French consumers






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