Consumers feel that hyper-consumption and fast-fashion aren’t right. They mistrust brands and criticize cheap remote manufacturing, lack of traceability, working conditions, toxicity and global wastes.


62% of french consumers want to help their favorite brands in creating products *


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matchmarket  created ‘Praedicters’. The application allows :



- consumers who love fashion, cosmetics and lifestyle to become prosumers and, on their scale, to sustainable manufacturing ;


- to create an ecosystem in which prosumers share their tastes with brands committed to thrifty buyings and more respectful manufacturing processes for workers and environment ;


- to share a new alliance providing added value for prosumers, brands and the planet.








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Thousands of prosumers have already joined Praedicters. They love fashion & design and are engaged towards brands to help them manufacture in a more responsible way, whilst not giving up the pleasure of following trends. 



Each Praedicters member can vote for his/her favorite designs inside his/her member account of the application. Thanks to his/her member account, he/she can discover the latest trends and newest brands in preview. He/She votes for the products he/she wants to purchase later and allows brands to adopt more sustainable manufacturing through adjusted quantities.






Each Praedicters member is an essential component of this collaborative scheme. Significant of today’s consumers behavior, these prosumers, « next door » influencers are to see that their choices are in the lights. 



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Segment according to profiles, customers’ habits and path.


Today’s customer journeys are omnichannel : it starts on social networks, goes on in the store to buy on mobile ; customers may be recognized at each interaction with the brands.

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Today’s customers browse from one brand to another ; from one trend to another. Their tastes follow their lifestyle and daily activities. Their consuming habits may change at every hour. They may be stylish during the day, streetwear in the evening and bohemia style the next day. They may buy vegan cosmetics, luxury leather accessories and a pair of jeans in a fast fashion store on the same day.



So as to better anticipate customers’ demand matchmarket , thanks to its Praedicters application, offers an overall insight inside the consumer's journey. 








* Opinionway survey 2018







You want to influence creation/design and join our community ? We are eager to know you !



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